Parent Course Enhancement - setting an enrollment duration(learners encounter enrollment closed)

Current state for parent enrollments is the site wide enrollment parameter. The request is to allow parents to function more like enduring or to allow learners to enroll in a parent beyond the default enrollment period for live courses. One option would be set the enrollment duration per course, instead of site wide.

Setting a parent to an enduring course (no live date) poses a challenge as we display and segment our enduring courses in a portlet on the home page, when we select “Show on Catalog” on the Course tab and we also provide an additional defined data set of enduring courses.

We would prefer that most of our parent enrollment durations are well beyond the 48 hour default enrollment period. This is not currently supported. This causes the parent’s enrollment to close and not allow learners to enroll in the parent. Our course administrators prefer that the parents remain open. It also puts a confusing expired message on the parent course enrollments page and a message that the parent course is not open for enrollments. The current workaround is to use css to hide the text. We can display the children in the catalog, but are not sure if the parent shows in the catalog. We would like to have the option to toggle if the parent shows in the catalog, beyond the start date.

Hi Dave,

Help! We had the same issue with our live conference evaluation last year and have had not workaround to improve it for this year. We are ACPE accredited.

The “parent” is our overall conference name and dates and each “child” is a separate session. We cannot set each “child” as a live course because the enrollment closes immediately at the end of the session; therefore, we had to set-it as enduring. However, ACPE needs to recognize the date of the live session and not the date the person claimed credit. Therefore, we have had to do all of this manually.

Can anyone help? We have been going back and forth with Ethos for months with no solution in sight and our next conference is 3 weeks away. Surely, other providers have ACPE credit for their conference evals.


We make an ACPE evaluation for each child at the beginning that is required and gives the instructions. How long is your course open after the enrollment date? Ours is 24 hours.

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