Course Error Message/Timeout

I created a course and filled out all required fields in the ACCME tab, but received this error message:
Cannot save 2020 PARS data Error code 469: MEMS Element: 1; identifier: entry: , Element name: ActivityDescription - Missing required field: ACCME Activity ID or Provider Activity ID

I confirmed the course information did not sync to PARS.

I originally created the course in Chrome, so tried again in Firefox. But in Firefox, I can’t even edit the course without getting a timeout error.

Could there be a problem with the servers?

One of those is required, typically it’s the Provider Activity ID. If you have added one of those and are still getting that error, please open a support ticket with the URL to the course and we will investigate.

Thanks will do. I did add the required fields and am still receiving an error message. I can’t edit the course at all in Firefox now though. It keeps timing out for me.

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