Course Object for people who don't want to claim credit

We are aware that we have a lot of users who don’t complete courses through the credit claiming stage because they simply want to view the content and don’t need/want the credit. These people don’t show as completed because they haven’t done all the steps in the course outline. I’m wondering if anyone has tried adding a course object that would show users as completed after viewing the course content, but still giving access to credit claiming to users who want to claim credit.

I partly want to do this so we can start tracking how much of our content is actually used to claim credit. It’s harder to see who viewed all the content but didn’t proceed to evaluation and credit claiming than I thought it would be. Plus, courses could end up on their completed activities, without credit, of course, but at least they could more easily find content to re-review or just have a list of things they’ve viewed in the past. If anyone has a way they do this, I’d love to hear about it!


Hey Gail-

We set up our courses with only the content and evaluation required. The Credit and certificate are not required objects for completion.

When I need to sort out learners progress in the course reports overview – provides a status that I can pull and sort to see how many complete only the content vs claim credit. We haven’t had any issues with our learners “forgetting” to
claim credit if they want it.


Heather Ranels, CHCP

Sr. eLearning Manager

American Society for Radiation Oncology


We never require credit or certificate, but that still seems to be the marker for EthosCE to consider courses as ‘complete.’ Example: I have a course with 115 enrollments. 87 people completed the webform course object but only 24 claimed credit. My Analytics dashboard shows 20% complete/80% incomplete. So the marker for completions is credit claiming even if you don’t make it mandatory.

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