Viewing whether a course is complete from outside the course


It would be ideal if users could see from outside of the course whether they’ve completed it already. Currently, when they’re browsing a course catalog or looking at a parent/child relationship, there’s currently no indication of whether they’ve finished it (only that they’re enrolled, in the case of parent/child relationships). They have to click into the course, see that they finished all required course objects or go to their Completed Activities.

We enroll some users in large batches of courses structured by parent/child relationships, and users have told us they find it hard to navigate the list if they can’t tell whether they finished that course when they view the curriculum.

We’d like there to be a check mark next to the course name or new column to indicate whether the course has been completed. Based off our users’ feedback, this would improve their navigation experience for our curricula. It would also make it worthwhile for frequent users to scroll through the course catalog to find courses they haven’t taken yet


I agree. We have one parent-child situation where it’s difficult to tell from the Completed Activities which ones are finished, because the titles don’t really indicate that the children are from the overall parent activity. So an end user can’t go into their transcript and say with any degree of confidence, “I’ve completed all the asthma courses from the Virtual Annual Meeting, so I’ll move on to Immunodeficiency.”


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