Creating a new rule to skip payment on child course

So I created two child courses under a parent course. People have the option to pay and enroll directly into individual child courses or they can pay for the overall parent course and automatically be enrolled in all the child courses.
How do I make it so that the user does not have to pay for the child course when they’ve already enrolled into the parent course? If I need to create a rule, I’m not sure how to do that as it says I need to contact support to have a new rule created.
Is there any other way to achieve this?


We use these settings and it works just fine :slight_smile:
Susan Benysh, Mayo Clinic

Hmm, those are the settings I used and I also just tested it on a test course and it worked fine. I’m wondering if maybe it’s because it’s not published yet and I just manually enrolled a test user into the course? I guess I’ll have to see if it works once it’s published.