End user frustration in enrollment practice for courses with relationships

We have an exceeding number of end user complaints about the process involved when enrolling in courses that have relationships built in. We have tried to overcommunicate the need for learners to enroll in BOTH the parent (program) AND the child course (class date) of their choosing. We even gone so far as including screenshots of the steps to take and where to click on the registration instructions page/fields.

Have any other providers had success in demonstrating/communicating to learners a simple way to enroll and proceed through the parent & child courses? Any tips & tricks would be welcomed. We sure appreciate it!

Hi Sean -

If someone enrolls in a child, they automatically are enrolled in the parent.

Which “outline display > relationships” settings are you using?

These are our settings that we use that we use when for this purpose.

Susan Benysh, Mayo Clinic

Hi, these are the settings we use also, and they work well for free courses with no enrollment questions. Learners can enroll in one or all of the child courses in the series.

The issue we are having is that when enrollment questions are attached to the child courses that could vary each week (ex.in-person or virtual attendance), those do not get answered as learners never access the course. We do put a lot of direction on the Registration Page and the enrollment confirmation email, but they don’t read it, or if they do, they rarely take action.

So, now my question. Is there a way to set up a Parent/child set of courses where you can bundle several courses but actually force the learner to go to the child for enrollment and not let them enroll directly from the parent page by clicking the little box?

Betsy, according to support and one of the kb articles and what I received from support for a similiar issue, the enrollment questions only work at the parent.

Enrollment questions are supported on course relationships only when the enrollment setting is set to “User may only enroll in parent."


Hi Dave, I agree, putting them on the Parent makes them automatic, and required, for enrollment and is the best option if the answers work for all child courses.

In my example above, if the learner goes to the child course and clicks on Take Course, the enrollment questions do show up for them to answer. It is just a matter of getting them there in a timely fashion without sending multiple emails. :slight_smile: