Creating Parent and Child Courses

How do I create a parent and child course with an evalaution?

Hi Bernice!
On parent courses, you can’t directly add a webform object. What we have recommended is adding a child course that has just a webform/evaluation on the outline. That way, you can still make it a required evaluation with the parent course object limitations.
Let me know if you have any questions!
Valerie Genzano
Training Specialist

Hi Valerie

I tried to add to add to the course outline of a child session but it does not give me the option of adding webforms. It only give me the option of adding attendance, credit, certificate, course and payment??

Hi Bernice,
Yes! So how you’ll want to do this is create a brand new course, set it up to be available the same dates as your parent course, and on that course outline, add your webform.
Then on the parent course, you can add a “Course” object, and reference the course you’d have just created that contains only the webform object. Your learners can then “register” for that course and take the evaluation.
Let me know if this helps!

If your child course isn’t allowing a webform, I’d double check to make sure the outline display is set to “course” instead of “relationships”!

Hi Valerie

Are you available for a zoom today to review this?

Thank you!

Hi Valerie
I did try to do that but then it removed the breakout sessions from the registration options??

Hi Bernice,
Sure thing! You can send me an email at and we will set up a time :slight_smile:
See you soon!

I have changed the child course to a course instead of a relationship and have added the webform. Once that is completed what else would I need to do ?
Thank you

Perfect! Now you can add that Child Course to your Parent Course by Adding a “Course” Course object on the parent. In the new course object, in “Content” in the settings, you can “reference existing content” and type in the title of this new course.

Once that’s on your outline, you can reorder it to be after your other child courses and that should function properly!

Are you available for a zoom to troubleshoot this?

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