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It would be awesome if there was a way to create dynamic reports with different fields instead of having to download the CSVs to create our own custom reports. I’ve found that the reports that are available just don’t fit what we need to report out to our leadership.

Hi Vallerie:

Thanks for the note! Could you provide us with a few examples of reports that you typically use on a regular basis to report to your leadership which are not available in EthosCE? Knowing the specifics would really help us design a solution. You are welcome to send us reporting samples (excel sheets with confidential data removed, if needed). The more the data the merrier!


When you create your custom reports are you doing so manually or using a third party software? We’ve had a ton of issues with the amount of staff time it takes to go through the CSVs to output the information into summarized reports.

Hi Raja–

Here are some of the things we would love to see in reports.

  1. One of the most problematic issues of reports is that an activity set is reported along with the related children, without an easy way to separate them.

  2. A field that relates children to a set (like a parent/child SKU) would be a great addition to reports. Right now, we have to group on Title, which is cumbersome. In our old system, we had the same SKU root for a set. The parent had “-00” at the end of the SKU and the children had “-01”, “-02” etc at the end. This works very well for all kinds of uses.

  3. UserID and userid should be the same datatype across all tables. This is a headache to always change during csv import into Microsoft Access.

  4. Sales reports with details should be able to be exported for an entire date span instead of month by month.

  5. Enrollments by date span. This report does not exist and would be very useful.


A report that has users name email and order information for a course with attributes. The order report has payment information, and the enrollments report has more user information (mainly e-mail) but it would be great if the order report had user emails or for the enrollment report to have order information. We send out weekly registration reports so neither at the moment has -all- we need.

Additionally, for reports across the board, if the headings per column of information were optional then we could choose on screen what information should be included.

Another thing would be to add reporting capabilities that cover all courses in the system. I did some reporting for my team to be submitted to the ACCME and I had to pull evaluation reporting (the graph information) course by course, add it all up and get the averages I needed through Excel. This would of been much faster if I could of viewed evaluation overview reports across the platform and filtered in or out what courses should be included.

But I’m sure overall reporting would be beneficial for more than just that purpose.

We currently merge the overview and orders reports to create our weekly reg reports, which are big and messy, and if we have any enrollment questions we have to do a separate enrollments report on top of that. All of these have a lot of information we don’t want or need on them, and none of them have everything we need, so we do a lot of deleting and moving columns around to get the desired end result. Having the ability to choose from a list to create custom reports (and save them!) would be wonderful.

Thanks, Patricia, Genesis and Gail!

Sorry it’s taken so long to respond, I got caught up with a simulation course that took up all of my attention. What we’ve found is that the current reports provided in Ethos provide too little information to be useful to our management. If we need to report to management, we can only use the course fields report because it’s the only report that includes our custom fields in the download, in addition to other fields that we need to analyze.

Also, we have to download all of the records each time to be able to tell which course/sessions qualify for the analysis, which brings Ethos down to a crawl. It’s so bad that we’ve been asked to download the file from the dev site each time we need it, which is unacceptable.

What we’d like, is to be able to grab any combination of fields to achieve the goal of the report, including all of the fields that are entered for the course/session and the ACCME fields.

Here are a few examples of what we’ve provided in the past:

1. Program Health (close to course fields, but not really)
	a. Course/Session Name 
	b. ACCME Course Type 
	c. Date Start 
	d. Date End 
	e. Location 
	f. All Credits Offered 
	g. CME Office (custom field)

2. Attendance Records (I haven't found a master list of attendance records on Ethos)
	a. Session/course name
	b. Username (our NUID)
	c. First Name
	d. Last Name
	e. Clinician Type
	f.  All Credit types earned for that record
	g. Completion Date

3. Overall Activity Report (close to course fields, but not quite. We'd like to see all credits offered in separate columns to make it easy to identify groups of sessions/courses)
	a. Course/session name
	b. # sessions
	c. # physicians
	d. # other clinicians
	e. All Credits
	f. Start Date
	g. End Date
	h. CME Office

4. Summary by ACCME Activity Type (not even close to the accme report currently available)
	a. ACCME Activity Type
	b. # Sessions or Courses
	c. Hours of Instruction
	d. # Physicians
	e. # Other clinicians
	f. CME Office

Lastly, not a report but related, I’d like to be able to filter by any number of criteria on the fly to do a visual check of the data in the system. Oftentimes I find inconsistencies on accident, and I haven’t found a good way to identify them more consistently. I think dynamic reports would improve our management reporting and help to maintain the health of our database.

This sounds very much like the information we will need to get out of Ethos. I would love to have these reports available.

Thanks everyone for their input. As we begin to move this into the planning phase I’d love to hear from anyone else who has ideas. We’ll also be reaching out to clients individually to discuss this further. Let me know if you are interested in participating.


You know I’m always interested in helping out.

Cosign everything here! For basic reporting to funders of some of our educational activities, I’ve been using the Course Report, filtering for those activities, and applying a pivot table to roll up Date Completed and Date Started per course. I’ve recently realized this is rolling up each credit type as a separate instance (both completion and started). Because all of courses offer equivalent credit, and because some learners sometimes accidentally claim both credits types, we our numbers are somewhat inflated. We are creating a rule to sort out duplicate entries that include the same user ID and course name, but it’s tedious. Among the other requests, we would like a way to change the Course Report to display completions per user ID versus per credit type.

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EthosCE Analytics will have an initial release in EthosCE 7.11. Stay tuned for updates and more information!