Emailing learners within a course

Our Program Specialists need to email attachments to our learners such as outlook invites. Since we’re not able to attach items using the platform, how do users go about quickly capturing learner’s emails and sending an email outside of the platform?

At the series level look under the “group report” tab, then download the csv file and it will have a column for email addresses. Note: This list will have duplicate email addresses because it pulls a list of learners from each session and compiles them into this one report. Therefore if a learner attested to more than one session they will be listed multiple times. My fix is to delete all columns except the email address, then use the “remove duplicates” function in excel to get a list of unique email addresses.
At the session level look under the “course reports” tab and download that csv file. There should not be any duplicates because learners do not attest to the same session multiple times.