End of year reporting

Hi all. Does anyone use EthosCE for all of their end of year reporting, including overall CE program analysis? We would love to find out what / how you are collecting this information.
Thanks a bunch. Marion

I’d like to know this also. Or maybe I need a reporting tutorial, if there are ever “user group” zooms to provide tips and tricks such as use of reports.

We move all of the EthosCE data nightly to our Data Universe (used to be a Data Warehouse - but I guess it got too much :slight_smile: ). We create our reports in that (much like a SAS report) and run that. We also use the Universe to create Audit reports - as we know there has to be some cleaning from time to time of courses and learners.

If you would like to see the reports that we pull from there, we can set up some time to chat.

Susan Benysh

Hi Marion-

We leverage a couple different reports to give us year end reporting in addition to providing data for our CE program evlauation. Feel free to reach out to me directly and we can set something up.