Enhancement Request - Expose Course and Costs in Data Layer for Google Analytics 4

We are trying to capture e-commerce analytics in Google Analytics. Our business analyst has suggested that we ask that we ask for an enhancement to better support integrating Ethos with GA4.

I’m including her suggestions. Current state is that we are using css tags in the cart to pass this information. However, if Ethos changes the css or if there is more than one item in the cart, our implementation will fail.

Request: add course information and costs into data layer

Current workaround: Ecommerce object added in GA that captures the name and price and overall order total. BUT, it only captures the first course listed.

One of the challenges is that the CSS Selector value changes when we add a second course. We do not currently have a workaround for more than one course or product. This is currently managed through a CSS Selector. We are seeking a more full proof method for passing information to GA.

Until then, changes to the CSS could break the ecommerce object. We can see abandonment rates, but not what is being abandoned.

Thank you for reaching out. Let me see if our developer Alan Kimrey can assist.

Hi Alan,

Please see Dave’s note below. We will need your help with making sure that EthosCE integrates with GA4.

May need to set up a meeting with relevant parties, and I will be glad to do that.

Thank you,


Hi Rita-

Just want to clarify this item. EthosCE does support GA4 tracking, however Dave is submitting the enhancement request to expand the data that GA4 can access from Ethos. Currently ecommerce level data is limited. The Product team has this request in hand and will be evaluating the possibility of this ask for future Core releases.


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