Enhancement Request - Modify Register and Register/Take Course button text for Enrolled Learners

Following up on this feature request.

It would be great to be able to change the “Register” button and tab text depending on the user’s enrollment status. I know that we can (sort of) tweak the behavior of the “Register” button with string overrides, but if I am not mistaken, we still can’t change the button/tab text to something like “Access Course” when the user returns to a course they are already enrolled in. Has anyone found a creative way to tackle this? And does EthosCE plan to address this in a future update?

Yes, this would be woderful to add as part of the course/activity settings. We wouldn’t want to override all this setting for all activities so an option to modify this by activity would be great.

My go-to has been to use CSS to hide the take-course button, and use html/css to add a button for users before and after they’re registered. Ethos adds the following classes that I use to show/hide these buttons, or notices for learners


I wish there were classes for when an activity is open/closed for enrollment or when it has expired to be able to customize it even more.

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This is the same CSS trick that we’re using right now. I agree. For us, it would be nice to be able to set the button text at the global level, with an option for a course-level setting that does not inherit the global setting.