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We have a unique situation where we send consultants to do training on site but we want the learners in that training to still login and get their certificate so they learn to utilize the online portal, so we create the course in Ethos and add the evaluation to be done online, and they are given a link at the onsite training to access that evaluation and subsequently, their certificate. We need those certificates to reflect where that learner did the on site training since it is all over multiple states depending on the consultant and who asked them to come on site. We propose there is some type of enrollment type or webform question prior to them downloading their certificate so then, the system knows to populate the “location” on the certificate using tokens that tie to the webform answer or the enrollment type.


Are your locations fixed, i.e., do you always have training in Nashville, Los Angeles and Chicago? If so, you could set up courses for each location, then create certificates for these locations that you’d select when you set up the courses, and have the trainers give trainees the specific links. If the training moves around a lot this would be an insane way to try to manage it, but if you have specific locations it could work well, and would give you data based on location.

If training happens where the trainees are, then the location token in their profile could probably be used to populate that on a certificate.


Well - that’s the problem. Our trainings are all over and move around all the time - there is a new training in a different city all the time, so it would be way insane to try and create a new course for every location. We are having the certificates pull location based off the learners profile city and state but it still isn’t ideal - its just a work around for the time being. Thanks for the suggestions though! This may end up being one of those things that we just have to deal with :slight_smile:

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