EthosCE 2020 Product Development Roadmap

As EthosCE continues to grow, so does the need for sharing a specific product roadmap. In 2020, we are focusing on a priority-driven approach to align our product development goals with your needs. Our research found that most feature requests shared common themes within our software. We are taking these themes and moving through them by quarter, while still adhering to our most important principles:

  • Focus on community-driven feature development
  • Ensure a future-proof learning environment
  • Provide solutions for emerging continuing education workflows
  • Continually review feature requests and evaluate opportunities

First Quarter
The first quarter focused on an improved Course experience within EthosCE. Our team has been targeting enhancements and new features to the Course engine. The majority of these features come directly from requests and discussions within the EthosCE community.

Recently released features include:

  • Creating a Series from submitted course application
  • Limited course author role
  • Improved course navigation experience
  • New course grading option: Average of selected quizzes
  • EthosCE Analytics Improvements
  • Course search engine optimization (SEO) improvements
  • Dynamic landing page price updates from attributes
  • Learner-facing accessibility improvements
  • Object completion-based access to course objects

More course improvement features coming soon:

  • Streamlined administration navigation experience
  • Course Object learning path based on a rule or credit eligibility
  • Improved course outline experience and navigation
  • Revamped and improved Commitment to Change course object
  • Multiple stages of credit in a course

Second Quarter
This quarter’s theme in our product development roadmap is the activity application experience. An overhaul to this feature has been on the roadmap for a long time due to the complexity and emerging needs of our EthosCE users. Our goal is to support the workflow of a continuing education department and provide a more streamlined and efficient experience.

Recently released features include:

  • Expanded editing capabilities of the Activity Application
  • Supporting multiple reviewers on an Activity Application
  • Notification improvements for submitters and CME staff

More Activity Application improvements coming this quarter:

  • Allowing a course template to be connected to an approved Activity Application
  • Unsubmitted Activity Application notification improvements
  • New collaborative notes field for reviewers
  • Ability to clone and resubmit an Activity Application
  • Improvements to exporting an Activity Application for download

Third Quarter
Our third-quarter theme will focus on the reminders and notification engine powered by EthosCE. We will be taking a high-level look at our reminders and notifications and begin designing the best possible experience for administrators, learners, and continuing education professionals. While we are very early in this phase of product development, you can be sure we are looking at the following feature improvements with great detail:

  • Email notifications (system-wide, bulk, and individual)
  • Push notifications
  • SMS notifications
  • Dashboard reminders and notifications
  • Flexible individualized notification management (course level, learning groups, and RSS)

Fourth Quarter
The fourth and final quarter of the year will focus on routine maintenance of EthosCE and any pending improvements which may have emerged in our product development pipeline. During this phase, we plan to take a look back at EthosCE in 2020 and identify the future of the software for larger goals in 2021!

Moving Forward
Please stay tuned for frequent product roadmap news and updates as we iterate through our monthly release cycle. If you are new to EthosCE, please make sure to take a moment to join and introduce yourself to our vibrant online community. We have dedicated forums for support, news, and most importantly product suggestions. Our team at EthosCE looks forward to hearing from you soon!

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