EthosCE 7.15 Released

EthosCE 7.15 Release Notes

Support role
With this release, we are introducing a support role. The intent of this role is to give your customer-service staff the permissions necessary for managing support issues and restrict them from course-editing and site-administration tasks.

Users with the Support role will be able to:

  • Manage users and user profiles
  • View user transcripts and print certificates
  • Manage user enrollments
  • Create and manage orders
  • View reports
  • Masquerade as users

The Support role does not have access to:

  • Create or edit content
  • Create or edit courses or course objects
  • Create or edit learning groups or series
  • Assign administrative roles
  • Perform site administration
  • Manage faculty
  • Merge users

Web service support for faculty forms
This feature allows customers to submit faculty forms, such as a per-course disclosure or COI form, via system-to-system communications.

Assign faculty to a course without a form
Faculty coordinators can now assign faculty to a course without a form and without triggering an email. For example, if you have the same moderator for several sessions in an RSS series, you can now attach them to each session without repetitive emails and forms.

Display per-course or baseline disclosures
With this change, when displaying faculty disclosures on a course landing page, the system will first check to see if the faculty has completed financial relationships fields in a per-course faculty form. If so, the per-course disclosures will display. If not, the system will fall back to the baseline disclosures.

For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

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