EthosCE 7.12 Released

EthosCE 7.12 is now available for release! Sites will be updated per the release schedule.

For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

Export of baseline disclosures

Customers using EthosCE faculty management are now able to view a report of and export baseline disclosures. Look for the “Disclosures” link under “Manage faculty.”

Shopping cart icon counter

The shopping cart icon now displays the number of items in the cart.

Additional data for EthosCE Analytics

We have continued adding data to EthosCE Analytics. Self-service analytics, reporting on user roles and webform data will be available soon. This release contains back-end work necessary to make this possible.

Bug fixes and other improvements

EthosCE 7.12 also includes various other improvements, bug and security fixes.

Notable items include a fix for a bug where the payment object was not being completed when using bulk enrollments and an improvement to exporting large quiz result sets.

For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

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What is ElasticSearch?

ElasticSearch is the technology used for activity log storage and analytics in EthosCE.

For example, when a user logs in, resets a password, edits content, deletes content, enrolls in a course, etc., the activity is all logged in an ElasticSearch database.

A user with the site admin role has a partial view of the ElasticSearch log. It’s available from the admin menu at Administration > Reports > Recent log messages.

Our support and development staff have full access to logs for troubleshooting as necessary.

Thanks, Ezra! Good to know!

Thanks Ezra! This line jumped out to me: CORE-2405: Allow faculty coordinator to view user transcripts.

Is that sort of a second-tier admin role for external users, or something else related to the faculty management module? We have some program directors who would love to be able to view transcripts. Ditto practice administrators who use our coding training!

@Nick_Marzano Faculty coordinator is a role specific to faculty management, so I’m not sure that will meet your needs.

We plan to begin this fall working on a new support role and we also have the request for a user manager role described in this thread. It sounds like the later option is what you are looking for?

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