EthosCE 7.8 Released

EthosCE 7.8 is now available for release! Sites will be updated per the release schedule.

7.8 Release Notes

For a full list of changes, please see the changelog.


Consent form for GDPR compliance
EthosCE now allows users with the site administrator role to enable a consent form to help meet the requirement of consent for the GDPR. Once enabled, users must accept the consent form to use the site. Users will not be able to opt-out on the user profile, so it is your responsibility to provide an opt-out form. For more information please see the GDPR discussion in our online community.

Documentation on enabling the consent form as well as sample consent text is available online. Please read the documentation before enabling the consent form.

Eligibility mapping by specialty board
EthosCE can now support credit eligibility mapping using a multi-valued field collection such as specialty board and diplomate number. A field collection is a grouping of fields two or more fields, typically used with an “add another” button. If you need mapping based on such a field, please open a support ticket with the details.

Better support for 301 redirects
For our cloud-hosted customers, we have added support for site-wide 301 redirects at the application level. This can be used, for example, to redirect from to


Course relationship performance improvements
Course relationships with a large number of child activities will now load 50%-80% faster depending on the number of linked activities

Additional status icons on course relationship landing page
Learners can now see the status of their progress in a course on the course relationship landing page as well as if the course is in their cart. The following statuses are available: locked, pending, expired, available, in cart, enrolled, in progress, complete.

State name exports
State and province names are now exported to ISO 3166 format.

Clear event times/dates
Values stored in the event date and event time fields will be removed when the “live” checkbox is unchecked.

Order of credit types
The credit types listed under certificate settings are now shown consistently with the order of the course credit settings.

Improved quiz messaging
The messages shown to the learner when resuming quiz are now more specific. Learners will be shown the attempt they are resuming and the number of attempts remaining.

Enrollments remaining
Admins are now shown the number of remaining enrollments on the top of enrollments list tab in addition to the enrollment settings page.

Remove JavaScript alert
We have removed the JavaScript alert message, “Do you want to leave this site?” that displays after purchase when child course enrollments are available but have not been selected. The on-screen message will still display.

Logging user merges
The merge-user event will now be logged in the site log including the user doing the merge and the accounts being merged.

SCORM uploads
We have refactored the SCORM upload feature to improve performance and added a progress meter.

Re-adding courses to the search index
Courses newly re-eligible to be included in the search index, will be added to the search index on course save.

Other changes and bug fixes
This release also contains other small changes, security updates and bug fixes. For a full list of changes please see the changelog.

This change is nice:

CORE-0044: Clear event times/dates when “live” is deselected

Will you also be able at some point to have Ethos clear the ACCME page data if Enable ACCME is deselected?

I have a question about the opt-in form. Because end users don’t register on EthosCE, they register through our AMS, will this feature be available to us?

So, I got on my test site and actually tried this, and no, I don’t have to worry about where my end users profiles reside. I do have feedback about the form, however:

When you add subsequent statements that you want end users to attest to, they appear ABOVE the checkbox for the main statement. In my opinion, the checkbox for this should be directly below the statement, with any subsequent attestations appearing below that.

I will add this request to our product backlog for evaluation.

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