EthosCE Analytics All Courses/Single Course Dashboards

Is it problematic for anyone else that the All Courses Dashboard in EthosCE Analytics doesn’t show completions? It just shows enrollments.

In the same vein, the Single Course Dashboard doesn’t allow me to select which course I want to view. The single course dashboard data appears to be driven by user, not course, information. I do realize that there’s a Single course dashboard (no custom fields) report that DOES ask for node ID…

I guess I’m confused as to why the All Courses doesn’t include completions. Anyone else’s thoughts?

Actually, the single course dashboard referenced above ALSO only gives enrollments. Why no completions?

Yes - I have also submitted this as a support ticket.

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YES! It’s very frustrating. We have submitted a support ticket several times regarding this issue.

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Hi Everyone,

This issue is caused by a regression in our 7.29 release which included multiple EthosCE analytics improvements. A fix is expected to go out tonight (2/26). We apologize for the inconvenience!

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