Courses Report in Dashboard only Shows 50 rows

I need a report of # of enrollments (not completions) per course. The Courses table in the All courses dashboard would do the job perfectly, but I’m only getting the 1st 50 rows when I download. Do you know another way to get this information? I can’t go course-by-course - I need a single report with enrollments for all my courses.

Thank you, Ethos Community!
Laurie Isenberg

Hi Ms Laurie,
unfortunately these reports are defaulted to only show the first 50 rows (not sure why, and I learned this the hard way).

you should be able to select “Advanced Data Options” and then select: “All results” in the “Number of rows to include” sub- section.

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you can also change it at the top of the report
it shows 50 but you can make it up to 9000 (I think)

Thank you so much, Mayra and Jill! Mayra’s advice got me exactly what I needed.

On second thought… this report excludes courses that had zero enrollments. That’s an important item for us to capture. Any ideas?

Try the “All courses dashboard (courses only).” It includes courses without enrollments.

I don’t see a dashboard that includes “(courses only)”. I am in the “Courses” area of the “All courses dashboard.”

Go to the admin menu > EthosCE Analytics > EthosCE Analytics. Wait until the list of page loads the list of reports and then it should be under “Public EthosCE Analytics.”

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