Functionality for Administrators in Enrollment Groups

Hi everyone,

Has anyone else been navigating Enrollment Groups? My organization is currently looking to implement it, and we’ve noticed a few things that would be very helpful to add (and take away) for Administrators of each group:

  1. Inability to edit the description page - currently, only site admins, and not the administrator member of the enrollment group, can edit the description page. I think it would be beneficial if administrators of the group had that capability as it would allow them to customize how they see fit and then take work off the site admins.

  2. Course Progress Reporting - unless every module in your course is required and they have to complete it in order, then Administrators or Managers won’t be able to tell who has done what. For example, as a test, I completed modules one and four in a course where I am able to jump around. The status the group admin will see is “Module 2” because I am assuming Ethos only reads in order. It would be helpful if the admins of the enrollment group could see the exact place where a leaner is like I can as a site admin. Essentially, a group admin won’t be able to tell if someone is doing the modules out of order if they aren’t required.

  • I do know that the group admin can go into the learner’s “Edit Enrollment” page and it will indicate if they have completed any module in a course, but that seems like added work for the admin
  1. Group Dashboard - if an admin goes into the dashboard, they can actually navigate to data contained for the entire course tied to their group. For example, on the dashboard under “Enrolled Courses”, if I click on the course name I can then click on “View course dashboard” and that will allow me, as a group admin, to see what a site admin would see. This is every single enrollment, completion, credit record, etc. for every course that our LMS has. This is concerning for privacy purposes as well as confusion. As a group admin I might think that would show me data for my group. Instead, it shows everyone who has started the course.
  • I also think it would be helpful if the group admins could see the data of enrollments vs completions. They don’t get that in the group dashboard