Evaluation Report

What is the best way to pull a report for all evaluation forms built within courses?

There’s no easy way across multiple courses that I have found. They need to be pulled individually. The best I can tell is because the courses are individual webforms, and therefore are considered “unique” in that their fields won’t likely align. That said, with cloning and referencing used as often as they are, I agree that it could be cool to pull a report from the “parent” and all its clones/references - but this doesn’t exist.

There are some things you can find in the Analytics public dashboards. I have used “Webform component dashboard - open text responses” to find how people globally answered a question that was worded the same in all of our evaluations. There are also dashboards that let you see an entire list of questions and the courses they are associated with, among others. Maybe something here will help you get what you need?

I’m unable to effectively pull course evaluation data through the Analytics dashboards, so I’ve been going one-by-one downloading from individual courses. I believe that there are two different issues going on for me.

  1. What is the best way to bring in an evaluation (webform) into a new/cloned course outline? Maybe I am cloning it incorrectly. Any advice?

  2. I don’t seem to be able to download webform results from Analytics that identify the response by course. It’s only aggregate.

Thank you for your thoughts on this, everyone.

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