Individual Quiz/Webform Results - How do you manage this?

We’re about to launch a parent-child course where there are 3 courses with simulations (SCORM files) that will include either a quiz or a webform for participants to complete. After completing all 3 courses, they will be offered the opportunity to complete an MOC Part IV activity where they will have to know what their answers were to the quiz/webform questions in each of the courses.

Frankly, it’s complicated explaining how to access previously completed quizzes, and even more complicated to explain how to access webform results. It can be done, but most of my learners WILL NOT a) get it; or b) want to go to the trouble. And I don’t want to spend the hours on the phone it would take to walk 75% of the people who take this set of courses through the process.

The ideal solution would be to have an email option that would provide this information to them in one place. Another good option would be some kind of aggregated report that they could download themselves when they’re ready to complete the MOC component. To my knowledge, there is nothing currently available in EthosCE that answers this need.

Other than making them go back into each course and looking at their quiz or webform results and/or printing off the results as they complete the courses, has anyone found a way to effectively manage helping learners recall specific personalized information from one course that is required for use in another?

I’d kill for a form or token that can be individualized by user ID and course object ID for this function.

Couldn’t you create a course page in your MOC course that contains links to the previous course where they took the quiz or submitted a webform?


The previous course would know who the person was and would show them their results if you have the course object set to show answers, etc.


If you use webforms, you can email their results to them…

Email…directly from the webform? I guess I hadn’t realized this, but I just went into an existing form…Woo hoo!

Thanks so much!


No problem! Just remember there are two parts: 1. Adding the email as a field on the form (and indicating you want the form to auto populate the learner’s email, not have it be something they have to fill in) and then 2. going to the E-mails tab and indicating you want to send an email using the component value “email” (or whatever you name it)

Thank you. I’m going to be setting this up on Friday. Fingers crossed!

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