Evaluation Comments in Analytics

We are interested in having analytics be able to pull open ended evaluation comments into the reports. At this time, it is not possible but it was suggested we post here in hopes that others would also benefit from this product enhancement.

HI Tricia - I have compiled responses for a specific question in a webform using analytics… unless I am not understanding what you need? Go to analytics > Dashboard > Webform component dashboard - Open text responses, then filter by question text and any other criteria… then when the results come up you can click on the vertical dots (in the response area, not at the top) and download data

This is what we have done as well, but if anyone has suggestions for how to pull more than 500 responses we would appreciate it!

We need it to pull into an analytics report directly - not just standalone of the webform results. Ethos has told us this is not possible and that we should bring it to the community.

Ethos created a custom Looker report for us to do exactly this - compile open-ended responses from a webform (in our case, evaluation responses) in a spreadsheet. However, this was done before Ethos was acquired by Cadmium, so you might get pushback (and most certainly a delay) in getting a custom report like this compiled.

Thank you so much for the suggestion! We were able to utilize this but it would be great if we could have the text responses within the other report we created with the additional webform values. Having 2 reports makes it a little bulky, especially since we have so many activities that we do this for.

Hi Alison, I believe this is just a report setting. You can raise it. There is a limit though but it’s in the thousands.

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