Filter out "Relationships" for better engagement reports

One of the helpful filters on the User Engagement report is Activity Type. It’s very useful to exclude, for example, live or internet live courses to see engagement on the rest of our suite.

We utilize course relationships widely to organize collections and curricula. These must be tagged with the same activity type options as our other courses, but this then clutters any of those legitimate activity types with a second entry for any user enrolled in both the relationship and the substantive course child beneath it (e.g. “Academic/Research Track” relationship is counted as an enrollment, when we only want to capture the session within that track a user signed up for).

We could develop a workaround whereby we assign all relationships an activity type not in use by our organization. We don’t currently offer RSS or Journal CME, so we could go back through and reassign all relationships one of those tags. However, I thought I would see if a cleaner solution might be possible. This could mean adding another filter on the user engagement dashboard for “Outline display”, or adding “Relationship” as an activity type.

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