Listing faculty for RSS Activities

With the new ACCME changes on relevant financial relationships, I wanted to pick your brains for those that have RSS activities. How are you listing/displaying faculty disclosures for each RSS session?

Currently, we still follow the “old” method and only list disclosures when they are made, but we are in the process of updating and have no clue as to how to go on about it. We’ve tried using tokens, which don’t work. Early on when we began working with Ethos we also tried creating the enduring version of the RSS session before the live activity took place, and requesting the faculty disclosures through that course, then linking to the faculty’s page but this takes a lot of editing on the back-end.

What is an RSS activity? And do you have a link to the new ACCME changes? But for our enduring materials courses that offer CME, we have done a couple of things but confess we are inconsistent. If there is something to disclose, we link to a PDF with the required language. If there is nothing to disclose we just say that the authors/faculty have nothing to disclose below their listing. Not sure what the new rules are and if we should be handling it differently.

RSS stands for regularly scheduled series, this is a defined activity type by the ACCME.

EthosCE has an added module that allows you to create these activities really easily were you create the activity and then create the individual sessions for each recurrence. Each session can have its own on course objects, and once the first session is created you can repeat it based on whatever parameter you need (such as weekly, monthly, the first Monday of the month, etc.).

The sessions though are like a gutted course, with one page and no tabs for additional information, so there is no “FACULTY” tab.

And, with regards to the new ACCME guidelines on disclosures, they will become effective on Jan 1, 2022. Our understanding is that the disclosures must be listed for all faculty and state wether or not any relevant disclosures exist (and if they do, the disclosure must make the mitigation clear)

Bump! Bringing this back up to check in and see if anyone has any suggestions on how to list faculty within a Series in a manner that is consistent with the new ACCME guidelines.

At this time, other than adding a table with the information for each faculty, we’re not sure how to proceed. I wish the system listed faculty within a Series in the same manner that it does for Courses.