Text Credit Option for Live Courses

We have a number of live courses that we would like to have the option to use the text-in feature from the RSS module to claim credit. For some short live courses, it it burdensome for users to log in to Ethos to claim credit. Giving them the ability to text in their credit would encourage more users to claim credit. For many, having to log in get 1 credit isn’t worth it. We believe this would be a valuable enhancement.

Greetings! This is already a feature you can use. From the course, click on enrollments > settings, and you will see your SMS code and the open/close settings. Be sure to add an “attendance” object to your outline.
The same reply messages that you set up for RSS will be used.

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Thank you for your assistance!

Note: This will not work for variable credit. It only works for fixed credit

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

Thanks again, Julie and Susan! I have been trying to make this work but I can’t figure out how to generate the SMS code. Can you guide me? Is their a help document in the Ethos library? I can’t find one.

@tweber I think this is probably not appearing due to the logic that hides the SMS code until the activity is approved. If you open a ticket we can turn off this functionality so it doesn’t apply to courses and is always available.


Thanks, Ezra! I will.