Registration via text for RSS Courses

We are new to ETHOS. We would like to see how others feel about texting the SMS codes to register for a conference and then the users are sent an email to complete their evaluation. We wanted to know if others were interested in having the evaluation be available via a text link instead of an email… That is something we assumed was included and now find that it is not. Our users are finding this not user friendly. They would be more likely to complete evaluation from their phone than having to go to their computers to complete the evaluations to receive their credits…
Thank you for your thoughts.

OHE would love this feature.

Duke would be interested as well.


Great Valley Publishing would like to see this option, too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bernice,

The default SMS attendance confirmation message can be updated to include a link to the session. Here is a link to the documentation on how to update it.

You cannot provide a link in this message to the evaluation, however, you can provide a link that will bring the user into the course/session so that they are just one click away from the evaluation.

The specific option to update is the “Registered confirmation” confirmation message. I would suggest something like

Your attendance has been recorded for “[node:title].” Complete the evaluation to earn credit:[node:nid]/takecourse


  • SMS texts of more than 140 characters will be broken up into multiple messages. Given that, you may want to consider removing the “[node:title].”
  • Users must be enrolled to use the link I provided (takecourse) because it takes them inside the course/session. However, users will always be enrolled if they have been successfully sent the correct attendance code.
  • Users must be logged in.

Please test this on your test site with all your session types before using it production. I hope it helps make the process more user friendly!