RSS Attendance and Data Collection

Hi Everyone,
The age old question, I’m sure… How are you taking attendance and collecting that data for RSS?

  1. texting/SMS codes only?
    2)Attendees going online to claim credit with the codes?
  2. Do the RSS admins do it for their doctors - and do admins have those permissions in Ethos?
    4)Do you manually enroll people after receiving sign-in sheets?

Trying to understand the best method for getting and/or inputting this information into Ethos. Or at least learn about what has worked well for you. Of course, getting folks to claim credit for RSS is an ongoing issue for a lot of us, or at least I assume so!

And a follow-up:
How do you do evaluations for RSS currently? After each session? Quarterly, yearly? And through Ethos? Or outside the system (survey monkey?)

Thank you!

Hello Elizabeth –

We’re using the texting/SMS codes only for attendance – we also include the web link where people can go to enter the code online since we have a few who don’t want to use their cell phones to text for whatever reason. We don’t do any manual enrollment. If they want the credit they have to text or enter the code, and for the most part, that doesn’t seem to be an issue.

We evaluate each series on an annual basis, and in the past have used SurveyMonkey, but switched over to using Ethos for the last evaluation and it worked well.

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Hello! Texting/SMS only as well. There are a few RSS coordinators who will backend enroll a few people but that is not encouraged. For the most part, people are really good about texting in. The transition was pretty good - we talked through the process at departmental meetings for each department and trained (and continue to support) the departmental RSS coordinators well. Surveys are a sticky point. Each department has their own schedule, some do each session, some do quarterly, etc. If a department wants them to be required, then the eval is added to the course outline of the session. If the department wants easy access and no need to be logged in, we allow them to provide a link to the (anonymous) eval on the outside of the session. Either way, Ethos is used for evals.

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We need to take attendance toward the beginning and end of our seminars. The SMS codes only allow attendance once per course so we have to use other methods. Does anyone else need to be able to take attendance more than once per session? I would love to see this feature expand to suit our needs.

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