How do I create a webinar in Ethos

I have been asked to create webinars in place of some of our RSS sessions. I am confused as to how exactly it is done. I hear the terms Zoom, Webex, Vidyo, etc but don’t know how they relate or how they work. Can someone out there explain the step by step process to me?

Thank you!

Hi Marion,

Thanks for reaching out!

We just published some helpful resources related to our Zoom Meetings course object over here:

There are also a few alternative options for embedding live meetings and webinars within EthosCE. I would be more than happy to discuss the best options for your team over a call (or virtual meeting!). Please send me an email and I will make sure we set up a time to discuss:

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Thanks, Scott. I did view the video. I have never done a webinar before so not sure where to start.

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