I published a articulate file SCORM 1.2 it receives the following error not a valid SCORM/tin can

Can someone help me with how to publish a storyline file that works with Ethos?

Are you creating a SCORM package to upload (creating a zip file)?



Yes I am and I have tried multiple times and get nothing.

Can you see the folder structure in the zip?

It should be something like

If SCORM does not find imsmanifest.xml in the root of the folder it can throw an error.


HI Chuck all the items in the zipped folder are correct.

Occassionally, we’ve had a corrupt file that keeps Ethos from publishing. On another instance, something was off on Ethos. If you haven’t already tested, try uploading on your test site and see if it works.
Scorm Cloud
If you don’t already have a free account on Rustici’s scorm cloud, it is worth running the file through its system. It isn’t definative, but worth a look. If you want to try an alternate scorm file, let me know and I can generate and send you one.
Here’s the link to ScormCloud https://rusticisoftware.com/products/scorm-cloud/