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We are looking to see what site admins are doing to encourage users to complete the outline on online courses. We tried to set up inactivity reminders but in order for them to go out, the user needs to click into the next step (and our users aren’t doing so). We are looking for automated methods to remind them to view videos, complete post tests, complete evaluations and claim their credit.

Any tips or ideas would be great!


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Course Reminders - Global & Logic

I’m wondering if you might be referring to this kind of functionality?

Particularly Ezra’s response about potentially adding logic to reminders, so you can pinpoint particular users. If so, may be worth lending support to it. Our team has the same issue you do and reminders don’t quite suit our needs just yet!


We would LOVE to have the inactivity reminders work, but they never have.

So 6 months from the course expiring, we send a reminder that encourages the user to complete their work, if they haven’t done so already. This goes out to everyone, including completed users. But no one has complained.



Thank you both for sharing! Gmartinez, yes, i think that is what we need! This would be awesome! The way out modules are currently set up, they are all individual of each other. Having to go into almost 20+ modules and set the same reminders can also be time consuming (especially when you realize they aren’t working). Maybe having a global option that for online courses, you can set inactivity reminders with logic would be awesome!


I agree that reminders don’t work intuitively. I would like to see reminders to go out to people who have not started/touched a particular object in the activity, and not to people who have touched a particular object. This would even be helpful for live activities - send an email to people who have not touched the evaluation or credit claim object. This way we don’t have to say “if you have already claimed credit, please disregard this email” :o)


This is something that we have tried and had to turn off the reminders when we could not figure the right timing to attached to the right object to remind people to complete the course before it expired We ended up with people not only
after they had completed an activity but also after the course had expired. We continually have almost 100 online courses we are trying manage. This is on the 2019 list of things to figure out and implement. I wouldn’t mind hearing from someone at the user
group how to set these up effectively.

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Since there is quite a bit of support for this I created a thread so everyone can vote for this functionality:

I’ve tagged both conversations regarding this functionality for DLC. But if you guys vote it’ll help get this on their radar sooner rather than later. The original conversation was from last year.

Tagging everyone to make sure you vote :wink:: @hazard, @ArielLevine, @hjranels