Intermittent SCORM file issues

Our help desk is receiving a number of questions about several of our SCORM files that intermittently don’t allow the user to move past the SCORM file to the next course object. The SCORM files have been tested on SCORM Cloud and have no issues. Also, the majority of learners who take these courses can complete the full training. It seems that Ethos “hangs” for a few people and the next button never engages, even though they do screenshots proving they passed the post-test. Learners have reported this across all major browsers: Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Any thoughts why this occurring and how to prevent it happening in the future?

I am just using SCORM for the first time and have this exact problem, except it happens each time. I submitted a ticket yesterday.

The issue may be that there is a minimum score coded into the SCORM file that learners are not reaching. Definitely worth checking that out. (Thanks to Ethos helpdesk for that answer)

Thanks, but this doesn’t explain intermittent problem that only happens to some users accessing the same SCORM file. The minimum score code would affect all users of the same SCORM file. In addition, this is happening to a number of our SCORM files, not just one.




That’s been our experience, too. A SCORM that only has completion through the last slide as the completion criterion will still cause some, but not all, learners to get stuck and not be able to proceed to the quiz, etc. to complete the course. They complain to us and we go in the backside and mark the SCORM as completed so that they can proceed. It’s a nuisance for the learner and for us.

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If completion of the SCORM module is based on viewing all slides, then we usually set the number of required slides to view at 5 (or so) slides less than the actual number of slides. That usually prevents most of these types of completion issues with SCORM files.

We had this situation with Elevate (another Cadmium product) during the summer of 2023. It had something to do with the way Elevate was communicating with SCORM Cloud. Ethos may want to look at support tickets for that LMS in the late August/early September 2023 timeframe and see if it’s the same issue.

Thanks, but we have gone with having no slides being required within the SCORM files to avoid this frustration for the learner.




It seems possible that some users may be scoring below the threshold so they are not able to advance, while higher-scoring users can advance. Email me offline if you’d like to discuss further.

I am having the same issue with our SCORM module, but do not see where I can set the number of slides for completion. Can it be set with the Ethos settings or is this an internal setting in the SCORM file?

It’s one of the SCORM publication settings within the course authoring tool (e.g. Articulate, Captivate, etc.) Sometimes it’s a percentage of slides, sometimes it’s the number of slides viewed.

Elevating this problem again with the SCORM files. SCORM files are intermittently communicating to LMS and sometimes doesn’t allow the learner to see the ‘next’ button. See example - Success status is “passed,” Scores are reported, but Completion status is “unknown”

We have to manually advanced the learner to the next segment of the training. In most cases, such as this one, the learner once we advance them can complete all other 16 SCORM files successfully. Please note this can happen at any time during the learner taking the training, either at the beginning, in the middle, or even the end of the 4 hour course. This isn’t the only course this happens to occur, but it illustrates that communication to the LMS is intermittent between the SCORM files and LMS. Any suggestions to override or fix this ongoing issue?

We have also experienced this issue recently.