Issues with new object dependencies - based on learner's credit eligibility - RSS

We were very excited about this new and helpful functionality.

Note that things work fine when a person is already going into the course to complete objects (enduring courses, conferences that require people to claim variable credit).

Our issue is with RSS. We make RSS non-variable so that text in will allow the person to be marked attended AND get their credit automatically. Easiest for our learners! We have some RSS that offer MOC Part 2 credit (an assessment must be completed). Instead of making the assessment required for all, we wanted the following (example with ABIM MOC):

  1. Person has ABIM MOC eligibility in profile. Person texts in. Course in Pending. Person must complete assessment and claim credit (variable or not, we don’t care) for ABIM.
  2. Person DOES NOT have ABIM in profile. Person texts in. Person is marked attended and automatically awarded credit - same as always since for them, nothing has changed.

We have been told that having the session still be automatic credit for people without ABIM is not an option. In order to use the new feature, we’d have to make EVERYONE go in and claim credit. That defeats the purpose of text in auto awarding credit. What’s worse, when someone does not have ABIM credit, and they go in to their pending activities to access the session, it says they are at the assessment step. While the assessment does not end up being visible/required when they go into the course, this is very confusing for the non ABIM learners.

We have done extensive testing, and we really feel this needs to be further refined in order to work for RSS sessions.

Curious who is using this capability for RSS sessions? Any other insight you all might have? Has anyone tried to have two credit objects?

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