PAs need RSS Transcript to reflect activities approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit

Greetings! We are working with Ethos to modify our RSS transcript.

The issue is that PAs cannot earn AMA PRA Category 1 credit but can use activities that offer AMA PRA to fulfill their requirements. When they go to an activity that only offers AMA PRA, they receive CEUs instead. This is fine when we have a conference, as the credit letter reflects that the activity was approved for AMA PRA and the PAs can submit that letter.

We run into a problem with our RSS, as we do not give credit letters for sessions. The RSS transcript only indicates that they earned CEUs, and there is no way, aside from them printing the series pages to show what credits were offered, for the PAs to show that AMA PRA was offered.

We are proposing that a new column be added to the RSS transcript. The header would be something like “Approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credits” and then there would be a YES/NO for each session. This way the transcript can be submitted by PAs (and others) and be used to fulfill requirements.

If you are for this change, please vote or respond with your interest!!


Yes, we are definitely interested!

Kristin Ouweneel

Continuing Medical Education

(414) 219-5493

Yes, Baystate is interested as well.

Hi Julie,

I think you’ll be able to achieve this goal using the “special topics designations” we discussed in January.

For example, for sessions awarding CEUs to PAs you would be able to add a designation, “Approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credits” (or whatever you prefer) that will appear on the transcript in a new column.

Each designation can have its own eligibility rules. This means that you can apply logic that will only allow that particular designation to be available for PAs.

The advantage to this approach is it allows for the designation to be an arbitrary value. It can work for a larger group of EthosCE clients who might not award AMA credit, but do have similar needs in nursing, chiropractics, state mandates, etc. The column title will be generic, but you can always override our standard language with your own.

Development for this is well under way and we expect to to be rolled out this year. We may be reaching to ask for beta testers soon! @jane.sicard and @kristin.ouweneel I will be sure to include you in that communication.


I am intrigued.


Thanks Ezra - sounds like you are coming up with a very flexible solution that can be used differently on an activity by activity basis. Thank you!

Do you have any sort of timeline I can report back to our RSS coordinators? They are chomping at the bit.

Count us in as beta testers!


We will likely have this in a core release before the end of the year, possible October.

After talking with our RSS Coordinator Extrodinaire :slight_smile:, I would really like to be a beta tester. With over 50 RSS sessions a week, we have a very complex system here at Mayo Clinic. Nicki has been at the RSS forefront with EthosCE since the start. She would be happy to provide input, as she is like Farmers Insurance - “she knows a thing or two because she has seen a thing or two”

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

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Ha ha that is classic!

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