Recordings of Regularly Scheduled Series

Hi all,

We are considering accrediting the recordings of our RSS’s. Looking for some advice on how to set this up in Ethos. Would we have one series with sessions of the live dates and another series of recordings with individual recorded sessions?

Also in terms of the CME application, would you be able to complete one application for all the upcoming recordings as well or do you need an application each recorded session as an enduring material.

Thanks for your help.


Greetings Lisa -
We do this for a number of our RSSs. We use regular Parent / child for the recorded enduring. We simply add the next RSS as it becomes available. Here’s an example:
To make things easier, we don’t require an additional application. As part of the RSS renewal process (which we do every 2 years) we ask whether they plan to make their sessions enduring, and then go from there. We have a separate process for the enduring component. If you want to talk further, feel free to reach out directly -