Looking for help with setting up pricing for a bundle of courses

Hi everyone! I am looking for help with setting up pricing for a bundle of courses. We do not charge for a lot of things, so I want to make sure I set this up correctly.

We will have a series of 12 courses. Learners will have the option to purchase each course individually or bundle courses for a discounted price. Since learners may not be interested in all 12 courses in the series, we would like to offer smaller bundle options as well – 3, 6, 9, and then all 12.

Is there a way to accomplish this automatically within Ethos? I would like to avoid coupon codes if possible. Thank you in advance for your help!

Are you allowing them to choose any 3? If they were in special bundles (Bundle 1: Dentistry, Bundle 2: Dermatology, etc), you could have that as parents that allow you buy all of them in the relationships.

Make sense?
Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

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