Make signing up for a child course more intuitive

We have had several calls from confused learners in regard to a few of our courses that are setup parent/child style. They are asked after clicking on the registration tab to choose the child course they wish to register for (we allow maximum of one child course for our parent/child courses). So they click the box beside the child course they want:

After they click enroll, the course is added to their cart, and it brings them to their cart - so thats great, BUT what seems to be happening is that people are getting distracted and not paying for it right away, so they come back and login, and because they are using this for the first time, they dont realize the cart is up there or theres anything in it and they dont remember they need to click on that cart, so they go back to the course and do the same process again, except now, since the course is already in their cart, they get this error message: “Please select the items you want to register for”

And they keep getting that message over and over - it never tells them “Hey - you already have one of these in your shopping cart”…

So we are wondering if there is somewhere to give them a message that says they already have one in their cart, or maybe if its easier, to remove those check boxes entirely from the child list and force them to just click on the child course itself, or if you all have any ideas of ways to make it a little less confusing for those who dont purchase right away?

In our case, people have no idea what to do when they can’t ‘re-add’ a course to purchase it because it’s already in their cart. We have a message that says the item is in their cart, though. I would check with DLC to see if that’s a custom message, or if your page is not redirecting correctly.

We need to have the message changed–to add "click the cart icon at the top right corner of the page’ or something like that, so people don’t have to call me to ask how to access it.

Perhaps it could be made more obvious. But in the message we have, we get the “This course is already in your shopping cart” but “shopping cart” is a clickable link. So it takes you to your course cart.

I haven’t tried myself but perhaps that message is changeable via string override.

It’s probably a clickable link for us, too, but users can’t tell it’s a link because the blue of the link is too close to the black of the other text, and it doesn’t stand out. Making it bold would help, I think.

Ahh - good to know! I wonder if something is going on with ours as to why they don’t receive that message but instead receive the error message. Thank you both for commenting!

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