Managing activity with multiple children

We have an internet point-of-care activity linked to our journals, where technically there isn’t a limit to how many can be completed. This is set up as a parent-child relationship, where the children contain the reflection forms required for claiming credit. ‘Unlimited’ has now turned into a caller who wants to complete 60 of them. There are currently 12 children built, and adding another 48 isn’t feasible. Another 8, sure. 48?? No way. Because each reflection form completed is actually its own activity, we’d be adding even MORE little activities to our already crazy numbers. I should also mention here that this is currently set up to be rebuilt EVERY YEAR. New year, new IPOC.

The RSS module was considered at the outset of this whole thing, but it wouldn’t work for off-label usage for this kind of activity. It’s just not set up for anything but real RSS’s, much to my sorrow. Y’all know how much I love off-label use of features! LOL Webforms allow for unlimited completions, but allowing for claiming credit for each completion is pretty much unmanageable. Once again, I find myself in the position of needing a hybrid solution, where parent-child, RSS and webform meet. The middle of that Venn diagram is the sweet spot.

I’d love to hear some ideas you’ve tried (even if they failed–it might spark some creativity on my part) for managing unlimited submission scenarios.