Nurse Practitioners Credit - Facilitating Choice in Dual Credit Scenario (ANCC & ACCME)?

We are seeking advice on ways organizations are handling credit claiming for Nurse Practitioners (NPs), when offering dual credits for a course (ANCC & ACCME). Our NPs are mapped to both ANCC and ACCME credit types. If we are offering only one credit type, we don’t run into issues.

We have a scenario where we are offer some courses with both nursing and physician credit. When it comes time for our mid-level nurse practitioners to claim credit, they can currently choose

-ANCC Credit
-ACCME Credit
-Both ANCC and ACCME

We’d like to streamline and only have the NPs choose either ANCC or ACCME.

To keep our analytics clean and to keep the NPs transcript and certificates from being confusing for their own renewal, we’d like suggestion on how other organizations have designed their dual credit courses. If we set up variable credit, the NP learner is prompted to complete the credit claiming, before proceeding.

We could add language to our Accreditation tab or course description. We could also add an activity to our course outlines that would function as an attestation. Ethos has suggested a course rule that could be a conditional object only for NPs.

We’d be grateful for any suggestions.
-Dave Kaye
Children’s Hospital Colorado

Variable Credit Claim

HI Dave -

The easiest solution would be to stop giving NPs AMA PRA credit, since they are not eligible to receive this credit anyway - only MD and DO qualify for AMA (ACCME) credit. For APPs like NPs, as well as PAs - for courses that only offer AMA PRA credit, we give them regular CEU credit, and then have a child CEU credit that says “Approved for AMA PRA…” so that their transcript will reflect that AMA was offered without actually giving them AMA.

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Hi Julie – A quick question. How would the transcript be accurate if it shows a ‘general attendance’ credit for 1.0 hours, but only the certificate is showing that it was attendance at a CME Accredited activity? Most of our learners are moving away from actual certs and are only using their transcripts.

According to our NP’s that we have queried, they do use the AMA and the nursing credits for their licensing groups. This is why we mapped that learner type to both credits.

Let us know!


I don’t know about what different licensing groups accept, I just know that as a CME accreditor, we aren’t supposed to give AMA credit to anyone but MD/DO.

The transcript actually lists the child credit - attached is an example of how “Approved for AMA…” child credit shows up in a transcript -under the section “Designations”

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I’ll second Julie’s comments - we don’t allow non-physicians to receive anything that says they earned AMA PRA credit since the AMA doesn’t allow that. We’ve spent a long time educating our members/learners about this, and offer an Attendance certificate that indicates that the activity offered AMA credits but this individual is not a physician. We haven’t had anyone complain that these certificates didn’t meet their needs, or that they needed something more on their transcripts.

An alternative could be to get your activities accredited by the AANP to offer NP credit. We’ve done that for PA’s with some of our programs that were specifically targeted to that group.

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We have the following statement on our certificates (all certificates) including the attendance certificate:
“This program offers XX contact hours of continuing education. Most medical professional organizations accept AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. It is the individual’s responsibility to determine whether an education activity meets the continuing education requirements of their respective licensures and/or professional boards. Go to your respective organization’s website for more detailed information regarding credit requirements.”

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