PARS Integration - best practices

We’ve been an Ethos client for a year+, but have just recently got our PARS integration up and running. We uploaded activities to PARS manually in our last reporting year. Our team was wondering if another org would be willing to set up a call (45 minutes) to discuss best practices in managing the integration and yearly reporting. We have guiding questions that we can provide beforehand.

We’re in the same boat. If this call gets put together, we’d enjoy the opportunity to participate.

Hello! We have had JAPARS integration for a few years. I know it’s not exactly the same, but happy to contribute if you feel it would be helpful.

We also have JA, but would be willing to get on a call to discuss as well!

Thank you, Elizabeth and Julie for your willingness to share insights. I set up a Doodle poll for the next two weeks. If you could fill it out and then I can find a time for us all (Jack included) to meet and discuss.

Doodle Poll - JAPARS integration discussion

Hello everyone.

Seems I missed the opportunity to chat “best practices” with this group, as I was out of the office the past couple of weeks.

My organization recently transitioned to EthosCE. During our onboarding we learned the PARS integration process is mostly manual. I’m currently preparing for the annual PARS reporting and would like to hear about any “best practices”.

Thank you in advance.