Question about Child Credits

Hi, Is anyone using child credits? We want to implement for risk management and maybe some other credit types. If you are using child credits could you explain how you are using and what your experience has been like? Thanks!

Hi! Yes we use child credits in a number of ways - a few examples -

ANCC Pharmacotherapeutic credit is a child of ANCC credit - straightforward use - a subset of ANCC credits are sometimes designated pharmacotherapeutic.

When we offer AMA credit, we wanted to make sure people who aren’t eligible for AMA (or other healthcare credits we are offering) would still have a way to show on their transcript that the course they took qualified for AMA. So we have a child credit under our CEU credit - “Approved for AMA PRA Category 1 credit”

We also have a child credit that is specific to our WI requirement that certain professions take 2 hours of opioid prescribing education. So this is a child credit we have listed under AMA, ANCC, and Pharmacy credit - “Wisconsin Responsible Opioid Prescribing Credit”

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