Streamlining RSS process


We are looking to streamline our RSS process and are looking for some tips for reviewing the proposals and approving the series using EthosCE -

Does anyone have any suggestions or would be willing to further discuss?

I was able to reply via lap top. But I am interested in learning more. Thanks!

While the process of approving applications in the series is not an immediate need, we are interested in this conversation. Thanks!

Hi, we at Mayo Clinic have a great process that we could discuss with you if you would like?

Susan Benysh

Hi. I would like to take part in that discussion! Always open to ideas.

Hi Susan,

Thank you. We will send you an email to set up a time.



Hi Marion,

Please send me your email.



good morning, we’re new to Ethos, and it would be nice to see how other institutions are doing it. If i can be included, that would be much appreciated. my email is

thank you,
Mayra Aguirre

We are also new to Ethos - just launched on July 1st. Can I join too?

Thank you,

We are also new to Ethos and I would like to be included please. My email is

Thank you,

Of course - we are working on a time the week of Labor Day


I’d like to join - both to provide our insight and learn from others! :blush:

Let me know as well @benysh.susan :smiley:

For those interested in attending, Gelardi, Mary MGELARDI@PARTNERS.ORG set up a Zoom meeting on Wednesday (9/9) from 12-1pm CST. Please contact her to be added to the meeting notice. If that time does not work, we may consider another time in the following week.

Thanks everyone!

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