Register tab - Another request!

When you have a parent-child relationship for a set of courses, on the Register tab for the parent course you see all the children listed, and there is a ‘Status’ column. This way people know if the courses are available, if the user is already enrolled, or if it’s in their cart. For courses with no relationships, people just have to “know” if they’ve already added something to their cart. Nowhere on that tab does it indicate the status. Is there a way to add a message of some kind to the Register tab when a course is in someone’s cart? No one ever thinks to look to see if the tiny cart icon appears in the top right corner of the page, and I get angry phone calls and emails all the time because it doesn’t appear they can register, when in fact they are ready to check out.

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Each course in the relationship now has an individual “in cart” icon.

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