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What are some strategies that people have found effective in evaluating RSS activities?

Currently, in the spring we update our evaluation in Ethos and then clone it into each of our 100+ activities. This is somewhat time consuming. Has anyone found a more efficient way to do this that has a good response rate? Also, at what frequency have you found effective to send out RSS evaluations (i.e. each session, quarterly or annually)?

We do a yearly evaluation in 4Q for each series of all of those that have attended sessions throughout the calendar year.

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Good day CE Community,

For the majority of our RSS (case conferences TB, MM) – we evaluate 2x/year using a webform evaluation for the respective RSS.

CME office sends the webform eval template to the RSS member list, reminds the RSS coordinators to share the reminders with the department list serve and encourage feedback.

For Grand Rounds type – we evaluate every session, but participation has diminished with feedback across all CME events (post covid fatigue/burnout?).

Implementing the 1-2x/year webform evaluation would cover CME program needs, but not helpful for junior faculty or visiting guests. Conducting the end of year evaluation for all individual RSS would cover the CME requirement.

The RSS annual renewals in the platform is a task and should be started in November for the following year, especially with 100+ RSS, smooth transition for new year and codes by mid-December.

We do not require an evaluation for RSS crediting, and we average a 50% participation rate.

We get better feedback with the evaluation requirement for credit, with our dual credit and nursing RSS events.

As we all compile our 2023 learner data for annual reporting, we most likely are seeing a downward trend in MD/DO participation in CME and the continued paradigm shift to interdisciplinary learners within the CME environment. :frowning:

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Hi Susan, Thank you for that information!

Hi Shaun, I’d be interested in hearing more about your 2023 findings.

Hi Amanda,

We show 2419 MDs in 2022 vs 1626 MDs in 2023 for 102 Live activities – quite the drop off. :frowning:

RSS shows 9010 MDs in 2022 vs 7470 in 2023 for RSS.

8316 in 2022 vs 9255 for non-MD this year.

Nothing to earth shattering.

Feel free to reach Amanda!

Thank you, Shaun


Here’s how we do it:

We let the departments decide whether they want to evaluate at the end of each session, quarterly, or 2x year.

We sent 1 follow up survey per RSS for all participants at the end of the academic year.

We just started sending a survey to the course directors who said they were measuring performance, quality or patient outcomes as related to their RSS, so they can report on anything they measured. We plan to do this survey annually as well.

The surveys are time consuming to build and download. if Ethos has some technical solutions that would be very nice.

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