Expanding access to RSS to everyone throughout health system

Our organization needs to offer all of our RSS (Grand Rounds, etc.) throughout the system. Has anyone done this before? Right now the departments holding the series manage the distribution lists. We will need to build a way for anyone to view any session and attend easily. Our health system includes 2 AMCs and several community hospitals. Most of the series are being done by the teaching hospitals and we have to get the people at the community hospitals access. I’d love to talk to anyone who has solved a similar problem successfully already. Thank you!

Hi Rose, we are a small organization but our department only hosts 2 out of our 7 RSS activities. The others are run by different departments within the organization.

All our sessions are listed on the site menu under our Live Activities and are viewable by anyone on the site. Some are for internal faculty, others are open to the public.

We manage this by having a defined format for each RSS landing page and each session, and by providing each activity director/planner instructions on how to inform their attendees about the steps to complete the activity requirements, how to provide instructions in their invitations, and how to distribute the SMS codes for attendance verification. Each department still manages its own distribution list and the planners access the series within the system to update the activity details or manually mark attendance as needed.

Feel free to message me directly if you have more questions or want to hop on a call!

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