Schedule a content page to publish

It would be useful if we could schedule a page to be published in the future. For example, we launch weekly podcasts at 3 pm EST, so it would be nice to be able to set the page up and then schedule it to be published at that time.

We could benefit from this as well both for content pages and courses.

Same - this would be an amazing benefit since we tend to schedule our webinars well in advance and could set up course/pages for the calendar year ahead of time.

I agree, having the option to time the publishing of a page (or expiring the publishing) would be amazing, specially to plan announcements for programs in our news page or timing the publishing of slides on our homepage

Agreed! We often create content that remains hidden well before it needs to be published. Automating the task of publishing that content at a designated time would be amazing!

Be careful what you wish for, said the Genie :slight_smile: We have many Online courses that we set the date to open at a certain time (expecting the page to be complete and up to date). Unfortunately, sometimes the course / page is not ready to go and we have an empty open course out there that people can access to get credit (with no content). We have started to make sure that not only the dates are set, but that the enrollment is closed and has to be manually open.

What I would like to see is Open / Close dates on webforms! We have Abstract Submissions that we want to shut down at a certain time. Remembering to close the webform can be a hassle on occasion.

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

@benysh.susan That would also be a great use for it. In fact, it would be useful across different content types. (e.g. webforms, polls, static pages, etc.)

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I’m open to the idea but like Susan said, that may be a double-edge sword.

But publish/unpublish dates on slides would be awesome. Would love for those to just come down once a course has ended. Also like the webform open/close date idea!

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I like the idea of scheduling in general for most content types, but agreed there may be some caveats if it’s fully implemented. On my end, a way to schedule slides on the homepage slideshow would be great - we often use it for promos/sales, new events, etc. and having to manually publish/unpublish isn’t too convenient.