Time Zone Settings

As we start to move more towards virtual learning, we have noticed you cannot set a time zone on the course webpage, reminders and so on. I recently learned from attending another webinar who didn’t put the time zone how important it is. People logged on at the wrong time and everyone’s schedule was affected.

Please vote if you think adding a time zone to your course webpage would benefit you.

Agreed!! I had same experience last week.

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I had asked about time zones a while back. The response-There isn’t a way to configure the timezone per course, but you could add a banner on the landing page, highlighting the time differences.

I posted the time zone specifics in the Program tab.
I am voting:)

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This sounds like an urgent problem. We serve an international audience with our online offerings and time zone information/accuracy is very important. Until now, most have been asynchronous so it hasn’t come up. As we are rapidly increasing our synchronous offerings, I hope this can be integrated into the system quickly.

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I like this idea as a temporary fix.

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We vote for adding Time Zone capability on course landing pages, and would like to request that it be considered urgent. Sorry for the late vote, but as we are going to have our first Live Webinar, we see the importance of this. This brings us to another vote for the capability to add Calendar meeting to the registration confirmation email. If we are able to do this, then it will be on the registrant’s calendar, and the time zone would already be integrated.

thank you.

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Seconding this. We are manually writing time zones in the course descriptions and Reminder emails, but this is still causing a lot of confusion with our learners who are outside of our default time zone.

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We are greatly in need of being able to convey to our learners what the time zone is for when the system will open for them to claim credit, and for specifying the time zone for course start/end times. We are a national organization so we have members in every time zone.

Same here.


Agreed - this is something that can be confusing as we operate from 3 sites and sometimes it is missed when we are writing it in our syllabus.

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

I vote for an urgent solution for this as well!

It would also be wonderful, if the “Add to calendar” feature/option would be available after a participant has registered for the event and not before (currently on the activity/course landing page in Overview tab). This would prevent people to place the activity on their calendars, without actually being registered for the event.

Thank you,
Mayra Aguirre

We could also benefit from specified time zones.

We at Children’s Colorado would absolutely benefit from the addition of time zones on the course pages.

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We second that! Time zones would be so helpful.

Agree we need this especially with all of the virtual programming

We urgently need the time zone issue to be resolved.
Is Ethos defaulting to Daylight Savings Time, when that ended November 7
Rachel Baronowski
CME Institute

Hi @rbaronowski, can you provide more information or open a ticket? I can confirm that your site is currently using the accurate time for EST.

EthosCE does support the change to and from DST, so we would want to investigate if that is not the case.

Thank you!

Thanks @ewolfe. I appreciate your confirmation that our platform is EST and that you support DST.
We are working on our first live event using GoToWebinar, and have discovered some strange inconsistencies re: timezones. I’ll try and detail them at a later time once I gather more information.