SCORM files and Articulate 365

Does anyone use Articulate 365 to author courses? If so, do you embed assessment questions into your SCORM files? If you do, are you having any trouble reporting out that data in full?

We are working with Ezra (bless his heart–he’s so patient) to try and figure out why the SCORM reporting only shows the first letter of people’s answers. Ellen, our online content lead, has tried everything she can think of as far as settings go and still…nada.

We’d love to hear about your experiences, in case there’s something we’re missing on our end. The only full answers we’re getting are on Likert scale questions (confidence ratings). In Ellen’s words, ‘I would be happy to be told I’m doing something wrong, but I just don’t know what it would be, and I’ve scoured those [Articulate] discussion boards.’

Thanks, kids!

Our SCORM expert says this is probably caused by publishing as SCORM 1.2 instead of 2004.

See the run time data model section here: “Interactions also contain a description field that was lacking in SCORM 1.2.”

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