Activity Application - more than one contributer


We are running into some issues with the fact that only a person initiating an activity application can modify it. We often have departments filling this out with the involvement of multiple people - the chair, CE coordinator, others may want to contribute to the application. Would be great if we could somehow designate access (edit rights, read only rights?) to other people. How do others handle activity applications?



We have a joint provider that has both an MD section and a nursing section to their spring meeting. We would also like to make it possible for the coordinators of both of these ‘tracks’ to have access to the same application. Currently the only option would be to have a special combined generic login for the organization that everyone involved has access to, which is not optimal.



We, too, would like to see more than one person have access to an application.Sometimes admins share the workload or begin an application and want input from their planner who should be able to see what has been entered.

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