Revival: Activity Application - more than one contributor

Started this discussion in Nov of 18 and there was some traction; would like to revive the conversation, especially now that there is improved application editing now:

We are running into some issues with the fact that only a person initiating an activity application can modify it. We often have departments filling this out with the involvement of multiple people - the chair, CE coordinator, others may want to contribute to the application. Would be great if we could somehow designate access (edit rights, read only rights?) to other people. We would like to propose a new feature that supports this - the ability to designate more than one person with view and/or edit rights to an application. Possibly have this something we can do, or even allow the application initiator to do this…

Who’s with me?


Still with you on this! This has alot of votes already so hopefully this will get looked at sooner rather than later (old thread(s))! This is really one of those things that can really make the application module a well rounded tool and add value to having it. In general, make lives easier too. The need won’t be going away anytime soon.

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I support this recommendation as well. We often have multiple people working on a single application.


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